Technical partnerships

Technical partnerships

Deep Reach Technology, Inc. (DRT)

DRT provides consulting and engineering services to the ocean mining industry. Between 2010 and 2013 DRT performed several studies for various ocean mining clients, providing concept designs and cost estimates for feasibility or scoping studies. In 2013 DRT received a cooperative research grant (renewed in 2014 for a 2nd year) from the US Army Research Lab to investigate the seafloor recovery of rare earth elements. The findings of this work eventually led to the formation of Ocean Minerals and the agreements with the Cook Islands.

DRT is comprised of an experienced team covering the range of ocean mining technologies, including resource (geology), extraction, transportation and mineral processing. Several of DRT’s engineers participated in early ocean mining projects in the 1970s, including the successful pilot mining tests conducted in the deep waters of the Clarion Clipperton Zone. Other DRT experts have experience in modern dredging, deep water oil & gas and near shore ocean mining technologies.

The DRT team and its technology is a valuable resource available to Ocean Minerals in its efforts to achieve its objectives. A non-exclusive license to DRT’s technology and patents are available to OML by contracting DRT to provide management and technical services. Based on DRT’s proven track record and experience, DRT and OML can develop and put into production a successful method for the extraction of nodules from the deep seabed of the Cook Islands EEZ.

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