Company Assets

Ocean Minerals LLC currently has two high-potential assets that will be drivers of value.

MV Anuanua Moana

The first is the MV Anuanua Moana Vessel, a 60 meter, Cook Islands Flagged and Cook Islands crewed offshore supply vessel that we have purchased and converted to a deepwater research vessel. It is the only research vessel anywhere in the area and is continuously active engaged in our research campaign as well as commercial research campaigns for other parties as well.

It is equipped with an ROV as well as many other scientific instruments that will give us the information that we need to extract this resource with the least amount of disruption.

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Moana - 1 Project

Our other major asset is the Moana-1 lease, nearly 24,000 square kilometers in size and packed dense with polymetallic nodules this is the primary asset that drives the value of our company.

Approximately 400 Km north of Rarotonga this is where we are currently conducting all of our ocean research to fully understand the conditions of this seafloor area.

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