MV Anuanua Moana

A 60m (200 ft) research vessel owned by an Ocean Minerals Subsidiary, Kiva Marine.

Based in, flagged, and crewed Cook Islands Vessel. Completed in 2007 and refurbished in Holland and the USA and outfitted to conduct all manner of ocean and seafloor research.

The only research vessel in the area.

Used to support our critical offshore environmental, marine, and bio research.
She is also a big part of the community, we allow other researchers to come aboard our vessel to conduct their own research alongside us. We regularly transport people and cargo between the islands and perform sealift and rescue while at sea.

The vessel hosts VIPs and others from the community on regular community engagement days. She is engaged in public service and outreach activities when she is in port, and allowed Ocean Minerals to offer a chance for Pacific Island nation leaders to engage with us and learn more about who we are and how we operate during the recent Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting.


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