Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Ocean Minerals strives to be and is committed to being accountable, responsible, transparent and safe in all aspects of our business.

Our operations are conducted in a responsible manner to ensure we contribute positively to the communities within which we work, minimize impacts to the environment, and prevent harm to people working within or with our company.

  • Aim for zero harm to our staff and partners though learning and caring.
  • Meet and exceed local and international legal requirements.
  • Manage risks and impacts through mitigation and monitoring measures.
  • Promote healthy and safe working environments.
  • Pursue innovation through research and development.
  • Be responsible, ethical and transparent in our dealings with stakeholders and involved parties.
  • Contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Meaningfully engage with the community and stakeholders early and throughout the process of development.
  • Encourage the hiring and development of local workforce and suppliers.
  • Understand and respect the social and cultural aspects and traditions of the countries where we operate.
  • Proactively develop, promote and support socio-environmental programs in the countries where we operate.

Ocean Minerals is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to all our employees, stakeholders, contractors, partners and members of the public.  Our policy of “zero harm” is a core principle.

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