Ethics and code of conduct

Ethics and Code of Conduct

All OML’s relationships are underpinned by high ethical standards to be followed by the Board of Directors and its Advisory Committees, Associates, employees and interns in relations with the company itself, with co-workers and with people who have any kind of link with OML.

OML conducts its business activities guided by a set of values that reflect high ethical and moral standards, aimed at assuring credibility and preserving the company’s image in the markets in which it operates, in the short and long term.

The fundamental principles of the company and its subsidiaries include the following:

  • Respect for life, with attention to preventive measures, care for well-being in the workplace, health and safety, and valuing its employees;
  • Observing good corporate governance, accounting and management principles and practices, as well as clear, objective and timely communication with shareholders, and investors;
  • The protection, promotion and awareness of Human Rights in its activities and throughout its supply chain in accordance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and
  • Achieving its business goals in line with its corporate social responsibilities, acting consciously and responsibly with respect to socioeconomic and environmental issues throughout its activities, and contributing to the development of the communities in which it operates, as well as encouraging active participation.
  • Acting with responsibility, honesty, trust, respect and loyalty; and
  • Observing the legal obligations applicable in the countries where the company operates, directly or indirectly, through its subsidiaries.